Five key facts about Parylene for protecting electronic circuit boards

Parylene is a high performance coating used to protect electronic circuit boards against environmental attack.

It is an organic polymer thin film that is created via a controlled Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process.

This involves the vaporization and subsequent pyrolysis of a feedstock (dimer), resulting in the formation of a monomer that is then polymerized in a vacuum chamber (at low pressure and at room temperature).

This process produces one of the best conformal coatings in the world for protecting electronic circuit boards.

Here are five key reasons to use Parylene to protect your electronics:

1. Excellent moisture and water barrier. Parylene is an excellent film against water/moisture ingress. Coated parts, even at micron thickness, can withstand and protect against water damage for prolonged periods.

2. Uniform and conformal. The Parylene process produces a thin film that is completely uniform. The process is a controlled CVD application where the film is deposited one molecule at a time, and this gives perfectly homogeneous films.

3. Excellent dielectric properties. Parylene has some of the best dielectric properties. One variant has a dielectric standoff of 5,400 volts at 1 mil thickness.

4. High chemical resistance. Parylene is impervious to acids, alkalis, olefins, and organic solvents. In fact it is a barrier against almost everything.

5. Excellent salt barrier. Parylene-coated electronics can survive salt exposure and is employed in delicate and hi-value, mission-critical electronics.

Parylene is unique with properties unmatched by most other conformal coating films.

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 Five key facts about Parylene for protecting electronic circuit boards

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