Dry film lubricants are coatings materials which, in solid phase, are able to reduce friction between hard surfaces.

The main dry lubricants available are graphite, tungsten and molybdenum disulfide (WS2 and MoS2). They offer lubrication at temperatures higher than typical liquid and oil-based lubricants.

Dry lubricants are often used in applications such as mechanical bearings, gears and CV joints.

The coatings can operate up to 350 °C (662 °F) in oxidizing environments and even higher in reducing / non-oxidizing environments (molybdenum disulfide up to 1100 °C, 2012 °F).

The low-friction characteristics attributed to dry film lubricants are a function of a layered structure at the molecular level with weak bonding between layers. These layers can then slide relative to each other with minimal applied force, giving them their low friction properties.

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