Coating Equipment Services

For some of our customers, the best solution for their needs is to bring coating equipment in-house. We understand that outsourced coating solutions are not always the best fit, so we have created custom equipment services that allow you to bring conformal coating equipment in-house.

Explore our coating equipment services further in depth below:

Coating Equipment Sales

Thin Film Partners is closely aligned with the designers and providers of coating equipment. We care equipped to make the coating devices that are a precise “fit” for your product. Whatever the application, stents to circuit cards to LED panels; we can provide a custom designed coating device to meet your requirements.

Thin Film Partners, through its participating providers, also offers spray coating equipment –specifically for acrylic (AR), epoxy (ER), urethane (UR), and silicone (SR).

Raw Materials

Thin Film Partners can fulfill orders for a variety of feedstock materials required to engage in in-house coating. Our main products:

  1. Spray resins – Some of the most respected manufacturers of coating chemistries are members of Thin Film Partners.
  2. Thermo-Plastics – This is a specialty category and many materials here are custom formulated. Call and advise us of your specific requirements. In some cases we can sell the raw material, in others you may be limited to outsourcing the coating job.

From coating equipment to the raw materials necessary for your coating needs, Thin Film Partners have the perfect solution for you!

Contact us for additional information. We can help you bring conformal coating in-house and equip you with the right set of raw materials you need.