Liquid Conformal Coating Equipment

Thin Film Partners supply a range of liquid conformal coating equipment for batch and inline production.

Our range of conformal coating equipment includes:

Application equipment

  • Inline dip systems
  • Semi automatic batch dip machines
  • Bench top dip systems
  • Spray booths

Curing and drying

  • Drying cabinets and ovens
  • UV cure conveyors
  • UV cure cabinets
  • UV lamp meters


  • Inspection booths
  • UV inspection lamps
  • Conformal coating automated optical inspection (AOI) systems

Process Control

  • Thickness measurement
  • Viscosity check
  • Ionic contamination test systems
  • Surface energy testing

Many of the coating systems are used everyday in our own internal or external coating services around the world.

Applying conformal coatings to printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be relatively simple if the right equipment is selected for the process required.