The paratronix system

TFP now supplies a range of paratronix parylene systems to suit small, medium or large volume end users.

We also provide a full range of parylene dimers including parylene C and N.

What is also unique is that we offer full training, installation and continuous support for your process throughout the lifetime of the machine as you require.

Standard specification

  • 18” diameter x 28” depth vertical 304 stainless steel coating chamber
  • 25 fixture screens
  • Solid state cold trap chiller assembly
  • Pressure and temperature controls
  • Vacuum pump
  • UL508A, NFPA79, & NFPA30 compliant

Machine size: 8ft long x 30inch wide  x 6ft high

(Allow approximately 12ft x 10ft floor space)


Burn-out furnace

Solves the problem of cleaning quartz glass pyrolysis tubes used in the coating equipment.

Vapor phase promotion system for vertical coating system

Cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to a liquid bath promotion process.

Unique parylene solutions

Thin Film Partners are unique in being able to offer the complete  turn key solution to customers.

We can offer:

  • Parylene systems
  • Parylene dimer material
  • Process development (adhesion promotion, masking, application)
  • Experience, knowledge, and expertise
  • A unique turn key solution

Why is our solution unique?

Our unique advantage is that we can also help you develop your needed process. This is unique in the world of parylene where subcontract services is the number one form of business.

Everyone knows parylene coating is complex. Some of the most complex processes can be masking and getting the coating to adhere. However, little information is available openly on how to complete these tasks.

Our group can help you understand what you need to succeed.

Developing the process is the critical step and SCH Technologies will help you achieve this. We will use our labs in the USA and our team on the ground to work through the processes together. This will produce a solution that you can then integrate into the process in your facility.

For more information, contact us now.