In this section you will find technical articles about our plasma and corona technology.

We understand, that it can be difficullt to understand what plasma and corona exactly is, how the technology works, and to which materials it can apply. The Tantec knowledgebase category, (or Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ), contains technical articles about the technology and the processes. Many of the articles we present here, are a result from the questions we recieve through our website or from our clients around the world, who we meet at exhibitions or at our technology seminars. A question we often encounter, is how plasma treatment can work as an etchant. Please read more about that in our article about Plasma etching.

We hope you find answers to your questions here. If not, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

Reasons to surface treat materials

It is often necessary to bond plastic materials to metals or other plastic materials or simply print on a plastic surface. In order to successfully accomplish this, the liquid adhesive, or ink should be able to wet the surface of the material. Wettability depends on one specific property of the surface: Surface Energy, often referred to as Surface Tension.

Tantec develops, manufactures and markets innovative Corona Treaters and Plasma Treaters to improve adhesion properties on plastics and metals, by raising this surface energy.