Low temperature fluoropolymer

Thin Film Partners LLC provide two proprietary low temperature fluoropolymer coating formulations LT-4 and LT-8.

The difference between the two coatings (LT-4 and LT-8) is the solvent carrier.

The LT-coating 4 is based upon standard solvents (acetone, butyl acetate) and MEK and provides a commercially price sensitive solution.

The LT-8 coating uses a fluorosolvent carrier that is a safe alternative to the environment and the operator.

Performance properties of LT-4 and LT-8

The fluorocarbon coatings have excellent physical properties:

  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • Superior moisture and salt barrier properties
  • Film thickness from 200 nanometers to 2+ microns
  • Does not require masking in nearly all cases as extremely soft
  • High resistance to chemicals/solvents
  • Resists heat to 200C
  • Survives Gamma, E-beam and EtOH sterilization
  • Good adhesion
  • Well suited for: pcb, electronics, metals, MEMS, sensors, plastics, fabrics
  • Adaptable and customizable chemistry
  • Re-workable, solderable
  • Optically clear liquid formulation
  • Varying fluorocarbon solids from 0.1% upwards
  • Transparent, colorless film
  • Low viscosity, low surface tension solution

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Why use low temperature fluoropolymer coatings?

The elevated temperature required in depositing most fluorochemistries is damaging to sensitive electronics.

Several may require temperatures as high as 375 degrees C that is well beyond the 80 degree C threshold of most electronic circuits.

Launched as a high-performance,  the LT-series has found widespread use in products such as pcb/circuit cards, medical devices, automotive and defense industry products.

LT series fluoropolymer

The LT series fluoropolymers offer a very low cost alternative to  liquid conformal coatings.

Property LT-fluorocarbon
Deposition rate (2um) Fast (minutes)
Price (no masking) Very low
Surface adhesion Very good
Heat resistance 200C
Hydrophobicity Excellent
Crevice penetration Good
Chemical resistance Excellent
EtOH sterilization Very good
E-beam “ Very good
Reworkable, solderable Excellent
Ease of application Very easy (spray)
Solvent resistance Good
Anti-leaching Excellent

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Application of low temperature fluoropolymers

The LT series coatings are very flexible in their application.

  • Delivery platforms can be spray or dip
  • Inexpensive application methods
  • Suitable for roll to roll deposition
  • Air cure or low-temperature cure
  • Can be optimized for large surface area
  • Fast, easy…less need for specialized equipment

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Custom formulations

We can develop new formulations to suit your needs.

We have the expert chemists in our team to tailor the coating material to develop the right fluoropolymer for your product.

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