Parylene and Thin Film Partners

We uniquely can help you outsource your Parylene coating without fear or we can help you set up in house whereever you require. We can tailor the solution to meet your needs.

Also, everyone knows Parylene coating is complex. We can help you understand what you need to success. We can explain to you what it is and show you the benefits of the Parylene process.

Ultimately, we provide global Parylene solutions that give consistently high quality results, a service at a competitive price and without compromise to quality.

We can help you. Talk to us about your requirements for Parylene coatings.

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Range of services

Thin Film Partners LLC offer complete solutions for the full Parylene range of coatings.

Our services include:

We offer a truly complete Parylene solution.

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Global Parylene coating services

We can coat your boards through our different Parylene coating services positioned globally.

We have access to a full range of Parylene dimers (C, N, F etc) that can meet all needs. We also have the Parylene equipment and the skilled staff to apply the coating for you.

As a company we are able to provide the expertise to ensure that the Parylene services you receive for coating your product is of the highest quality without compromising the cost.

Ultimately, we make money if we coat your circuits correctly for the right price. That’s our goal. Give us a try.

Find out more about our coating services.

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Parylene systems

We can sell you the specialist Parylene equipment required for applying the dimer to your product.

If you must process in house then we can help you do this. Let us help develop the process, materials and equipment and ensure you have a smooth process in house from the start.

Find out more about our Parylene coating equipment.

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Parylene dimer

We have a full range of Parylene dimers available through Thin Film Partners.

Find out more about Thin Film Partners supplying your dimer.

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Parylene complete removal

Parylene coating removal from a circuit board is not easy.  In fact it is a hard process to do well!

We have developed a process for completely removing the Parylene coating from the surface of a circuit.

Further, the process is relatively quick. Typically, the circuit can be completely removed of Parylene in under an hour.

Also, the process is safe. It does almost no harm to the circuit and is one of the safest methods for complete removal of Parylene.

Find out more about Thin Film Partners helping you remove your Parylene.

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Process evaluation, development and training

We can evaluate your process and give you a complete feedback on your Parylene requirements.

With Thin Film as a partner we can develop a solution for you together and then train you to use it.

Find out more about our training and consulting now.

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Turn key solutions

We provide turn Parylene turn key solutions for both coating services and in house processing.

The decision then can be made on which solution is suitable for you.

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Five reasons to trust Thin Film Partners with your Parylene project

Experience, knowledge and expertise: Our engineers have tackled almost all known Parylene coating challenges… and overcome them. We have scientists who understand the chemistry and physics of the technology we are applying. After all, some of them developed the original process.

Process development: The key to success in Parylene is the process development stage. Get this right and the issues normally found with poor Parylene coating can be eliminated. Thin Film Partners can help you develop this process.

Highest quality: Everyone offers the highest quality. We deliver it. Without costing you a fortune.

Competitive price: Cost is everything. In a competitive world it doesn’t matter how good the coating is if it’s too expensive. We can help give you the best cost and quality you require. Try us out.

Coating services, equipment, dimer, training and support: We provide the complete solution whatever your needs. In house or outsource. You make the informed choice.

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