Plasma Treaters

Surface treatment with Plasma treatment technology offers innovative solutions to adhesion and wetting problems in many industries. Our plasma treaters can be used to treat many different metarials .e.g. like metals, plastics or glas, and they can be used in various settings and industries


Tantec’s New PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma treatment system is built around the concept of a high voltage DC Plasma discharge…



SpinTEC is with AC motor for spinning of 2 pcs. PlasmaTEC-X nozzles pointing inwards for uniform treatment and to minimize heat impact.



ProfileTEC: Two common applications for pre-treatment of automotive EPDM profiles with plasma are prior to flocking and slip-coating.



Tantec RotoVAC vacuum plasma treater is designed for plasma treatment of small injection moulded plastic parts…



Tantec VacuLAB is a compact version of the fulls cale VacuTEC unit. The VacuLAB offers the ability to handle small scale testing…



Standard and customised vacuum plasma treaters. The Tantec VacuLINE plasma treater is designed for treatment of a variety of….



Determining the surface energy can be achieved by measuring contact angle or by using Tantec surface energy test inks – DyneTEC.



Tantec´s VacuTEC Plasma Treater is designed for plasma treatment of a large number of different injection moulded parts…



Tantecs VacuTEC-2020 Plasma Treater is designed for treatment of a large number of different injection moulded parts. The VacuTEC offers very fast…


Why use a plasma treater?

Component preparation is an important step prior to bonding, painting, varnishing and coating processes. Plasma treatment using one of our plasma treaters provides an economical solution for the cleaning and activation of component surfaces before further processing. Plasma surface treatment improves wettability and adhesion of ink, glues and coatings on many different surfaces.

If you need to understand the technology behind the surface treatment technology, we advice you take a look at our article about: Surface treatment and how it works.

Our Plasma Treatment equipment and products are cost-effective

Plasma treatment provides surface treatment and an economical solution for the cleaning and activation of complex surfaces before further processing. This is especially true for profiles with complex surfaces, that cannot be treated using regular corona treatment mechanisms. Our plasma surface treatment equipment is used for long-term adhesive bonding of plastics and metals, and we have many customizable solutions suiting your company and your products.

Plasma treatment is used in almost all industrial manufacturing processes, and we have more than 40 years of experience in delivering the right equipment for surface treating any material.