Vacuum Plasma Treater | VacuTEC 5050

Tantecs VacuTEC 5050 Plasma Treater is designed for treatment of a large number of different injection moulded parts. The VacuTEC offers very fast treatment times and optimum adhesion properties for downstream coating, gluing, painting and printing applications. In the treating chamber a vacuum is built up to between 0,1 and 3 mbar before an electrical discharge is created through the integrated plasma electrode. Treatment cycle times are often short, between 5 – 600 seconds depending on the material and its formulation.Effective size for products on 2 shelves: 500 x 500 x 100 mm. The VacuTEC is appreciated for its simplicity of operation, reliability in production and fast process speed. Treating gasses such as argon and oxygen can be applied, but in most cases this is not necessary due to the high power exposed by the plasma discharge.VacuTEC uses the advanced Tantec power generator HV-X series as power supply and specially designed plasma transformer to provide voltage to the plasma electrodes. Tantec has both standard VacuTEC machines, but also custom-designed machines. The VacuTEC customized machines are specially developed and adapted 100% to customer wishes and requirements in relation to the production line.


Easy to install and use Connect to mains power.
Fast treatment times High power impact enables treatment times from 5 – 600 seconds, depending on material.
Vacuum level The plasma discharge is active from 0,1 – 3 mbar depending on application.
Process gas Process gasses such as oxygen and argon can be used, but in most cases it is not necessary.
Process control The entire plasma process is controlled by the HV-X generator and the PLC unit. All parameters are displayed through the touch panel.
Cost efficient surface
Due to the low power consumption and no need of special treatment gasses the unit is a very cost efficient solution for improving surface wettability and
Vacuum pressure Plasma Enables treatment of both conductive and non-conductive surfaces.
Chamber door Hinged door with window and safety switch.
Technical Specifications VacuTEC 5050 | Vacuum Plasma Treater
Mains voltage and frequency 100-480 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output voltage/plasma power 5kV / 1000W
Power source HV-X10 Generator
Compressed air inlet 6 bar dry & clean
Treatment gas Standard: air, oxygen, argon, nitrogen on request
Vacuum pump capacity in m³/min. 100 m³/hour
Vacuum level 0,1–3 mbar
Evacuation time, typical 90 seconds
Plasma treatment time, typical 5 – 600 seconds, depending on material
Control and connectivity Complete with Tantec touch panel.
Regulation compliance CE – RoHs – WEEE
Dimensions 1115 x 955 x 1745 mm
Shelves 2
Tray size 500 x 500 mm