Thin Film Partners offers a full complement of technical services at either your location, ours, or at any one of the Thin Film affiliates and partners in the US or abroad. In addition to coating services, coating platforms and hardware, coating materials and chemistries of all types, Thin Film Partners offers:

  • Consulting (see separate section)
  • Technical instruction
  • Training

Thin Film’s staff, as well as that of its affiliates, are amongst the leaders in their respective fields. We cover the broadest expanse of expertise in the coating world today and the specialties include lubricious films, hydrophobic coatings, barrier films (moisture, corrosion, chemical, etc.), dielectric & insulating chemistries, hard protective coatings, biocompatible surfaces and several others

The following list represents a sampling of what our materials scientists and affiliated technical engineers can address.

  • CVD films
  • Plasma Enhanced CVD films
  • Liquid conformal coatings
  • Fluoropolymers (UV, heat curable or low temperature cure)
  • Nano-coatings
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Metal Oxides
  • Powder Coatings
  • Drug-eluting coating chemistries
  • Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
  • Design and formulation of new coating materials and solvents
  • Commercialization of Polymers