Conformal coating consultation: new product introduction NPI 

New coating processes, materials and equipment are being developed every day. The speed with which technology changes makes it almost impossible for the average engineer to know everything about conformal coating and that is where TFP can help.

Consultants at TFP have been working in the field of conformal coating for greater than twenty years and can offer invaluable advice, practical experience and knowledge to assist in the selection of a conformal coating process, conformal coating material or item of conformal coating equipment.

Our consultants have intimate knowledge of the available conformal coatings and conformal coating equipment in the market place and work with suppliers on a regular basis to ensure their knowledge is up to date. They are also aware of the current standards, legislation, and best practices and have in-depth experience in recommending processes that work immediately and without compromise.

Conformal coating new product introduction NPI.

Need help choosing the right conformal coating process, equipment or material?

Allow TFP to recommend the optimum practical and commercially suitable process for the customer, without compromise to results.

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Why use a TFP consultant for new product introduction?

TFP is part of the Nexus Global Conformal Coating Resource, an independent Consultancy offering support to the electronics industry. With specialists in thin film technology and vapour deposition, and application and process control, there will be an expert who can quickly assess your processes.


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