Who are Thin Film Parters?

Hi. I’m Warren Boomer and I’m the creator of Thin Film Partners.

Thin Film Partners is a radically innovative and different company in the domain of thin film coating technologies that I created to help give companies the right level of support and choice when they need help.

Ten years ago I realised that what was profoundly lacking in the coating world was clear and obvious.

There was no unbiased stage upon which to select, compare and evaluate different choices of coating chemistries, services and platforms when a company was looking for a solution to their problem.

Until now, each vendor had limited coating options and the customers were never presented with much of a choice except what the supplier offered.

The prevailing model was to tediously work through a selection of vendors, most of which were limited to just one or two types of coatings. This process of selection was costly and invariably required prolonged testing and evaluation.

The common denominator amongst vendors: they pitch what they have…and not necessarily what the customer requires.

I have changed all of that.

Now, we can help you focus in on the right coating selection to trial right from the beginning.

That is because we offer almost all of the thin film technologies available. This allows you to select the right solution without compromise due to vendor bias or limitations.

I hope that my team and I can also help you with your coating solution.

“Welcome to our family!”