Black Oxide Coatings

Thin Film Partners offers coating services for various types of formulations of black oxides and our services include:

  • Complete coating services
  • Coating platforms and hardware (including automated systems)
  • Coating feedstock- some custom formulations
  • Technical instruction

Black oxide (blackening) is a conversion coating utilized on various ferrous metals, including steel, stainless steel (series 300, 400, and 17-4), copper (and copper alloys), zinc, malleable and cast irons, and select powdered metals. Blackening is a process where a chemical converts the surface of certain ferrous metals to black iron oxide (magnetite). It

Black oxide is mainly employed to produce a deep black finish which bonds chemically to the substrate. The color is uniform and does not rub off. Additional benefits are that it provides a measure of resistance against corrosion and abrasion.

Although room temperature applications are possible, the premium black oxide iron magnetite finish (Fe3O4) is produced in the conventional hot process at 285° F.

  • Protection from corrosion – extends the functional life of your parts
  • Protective barrier – enhanced abrasion resistance. No crazing or peeling.
  • Anti-galling
  • No added dimension – coated parts maintain essentially the same thickness. The layer adds less than millionths of an inch to the surface.
  • Cosmetic appeal- rich and appealing black coating
  • Glare reduction – ideal for screens, some windows, etc.
  • Productivity- this material and the process are superior to others. No build-up, and faster and more economical than plating.
  • Surface promotion – material enhances adhesion of coatings and other surface treatments
  • Environmentally friendly – no volatile fumes, no phosphates
  • Meets military spec MIL-DTL-13924D , MIL-C-13924c, Class 4 and AMS 2485H

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