Dyne test | Measuring Surface Energy

Determining the surface energy can be achieved by measuring contact angle or by using Tantec surface energy test inks – DyneTEC.Use Tantec´s equipment for measurement of the surface energy. Another name for Dyne test ink, is also “Corona pens”. Read below how it works!This form of measurement is based on the ASTM/ISO method for measuring the surface energy of polypropylene film. When the test ink is applied to the surface, it will either form a continuous film on the surface or pull back into small droplets. If the liquid remains as a film for at least 3 seconds, the substrate will have a minimum surface energy of that ink value. Should the ink reticulate, the surface energy of the substrate is lower than that of the ink.The exact surface energy can be determined by applying a range of increasing or decreasing values of this ink. The inks are available in 2 mN/m increments from 30-58 mN/m – including 72 mN/m and is supplied in 20 ml glass bottles with integral brush applicator. Tantec offers two types of test inks. One which is made according to ISO8296 and classified as TOXIC. The other is a Tantec development which is based on ethanol and deionized water and is classified as a reference liquid.This liquid cannot be used for measuring PP surfaces.

Easy to use Simply apply the ink using the integrated brush applicator.
ASTM and ISO norms Using the ASTM/ISO norminated liquids ensures full traceability.
Available from 30-72 mN/m All values from 30-58 + 72 mN/m available.
Fast testing process Immediate results of testing “measurement” within 3 seconds.
Non-toxic liquids Tantec developed reference liquids available. (Not for use on PP).
Technical Specifications DyneTEC
Bottle size 20 ml
Liquid, ISO/ASTM Toxic liquid
Liquid, Tantec Flammable, non-toxic (not for use on PP)
Ink lifetime Up to 12 months
DyneTEC test kit Includes kit with 6 bottles (standard 36-40-44-48-50-56 mM/m)
Shipment instructions Dangerous goods in excepted quantities (Non-toxic)