What sectors are fluoropolymer coatings used?

Fluorinated coatings are a relatively new technology. They are also continuously evolving.

They are used in nearly all areas of industry including:

– Aviation

– Aerospace

– Defence

– Automotive

– Industrial

– Oil & Gas

– Electronics

– Medical / Pharmaceutical

– Optics

– Telecommunications

– White goods / Commercial

This list is limited and there are a lot more areas that they are used.

It is also helpful to understand what products are actually coated in fluoropolymer materials.

Products include:

– Printed circuit boards (PCBs)

– Mobile phones (circuits, screens)

– Tablets (circuits, screens)

– Automotive parts (gears, rotors, pistons)

– Commercial bake-ware

– Glassware and lab ware

– Machine parts/components

– Printing equipment

– Sintered metal parts

– Catheters, guide wires

– Fasteners

– Screen (metal/synthetic)

– Filter media (cloth, synthetic)

– O-rings, gaskets, seals

– Silicone rubber

– Solenoid, springs, coils

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 What sectors are fluoropolymer coatings used?

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