What is a fluoropolymer coating?

A fluoropolymer coating is a material comprised of fluorocarbons and characterized by carbon-fluorine bonds.

Fluorocarbons are not susceptible to Van der Waals force. This gives the coatings their signature properties.

That is that a fluoropolymer coating is non-stick and friction reducing.

So, these coatings are naturally hydrophobic and also have some of the lowest coefficients of friction.

Also, due to the fluorine bonds, fluoropolymer coatings demonstrate a high level of durability as well as resistance to acids, bases and most solvents.

So, they have very interesting properties.

Why are fluoropolymer coatings used?

As discussed the coatings can have very specialised properties.

They can be:

– Hydrophobic (water repellent)

– A barrier to moisture

– Oleophobic (oil repellent)

– Chemically resistant

– Lubricious

– Highly dielectric

– Suitable for sterilization

– Protective against corrosion

– Protective against abrasion and wear

Not all fluoropolymer coatings have all of the above properties. But, some coatings can in fact have almost all of the properties.

In fact, fluoropolymer coatings are extremely flexible coatings. They are becoming more prolifically used throughout engineering.

The reality is that these coatings are now being used in almost all areas of industry.

Sectors using fluoropolymer technology include aviation, aerospace, defence, automotive, oil & gas, electronics, medical & pharmaceutical, optics, telecoms and many more.

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 What is a fluoropolymer coating?

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