Five key facts about Fluoropolymer Nano-coatings


There are many fundamental differences in coatings. The Nano-coatings are no different.

Here are five key facts about them.

Fact 1: The Nano-coatings are extremely thin

A Nano-coating is normally applied a lot thinner than an equivalent protective coating. The thickness range can be from 1-2um down to sub micron (0.1-0.25um) depending on the needs of the process. This is due to its superior performance when it repels liquids against other coatings.

Fact 2: A fluoropolymer Nano-coating repels water

A fluoropolymer coating is generally hydrophobic in nature. It repels water when the water is on the surface of the coating.

For example, the wetting angle can be typically 110 degrees for water droplets. Our Nano-coatings repel water and oil highly effectively.

Fact 3: They have a high chemical resistance

Owing to the fluorine bonds, fluoropolymer coatings demonstrate a high level of durability as well as resistance to acids, bases and most solvents.

They are perfect to help preserve products against chemical attack.

Fact 4: They can be used as no mask coatings

In certain sectors like electronics they are ideal as a process material. The circuit board can be completely submerged in the Nano-coating liquid with no masking applied without fear of damaging the connections.

This is due to the extremely thin fluoropolymer coating applied offering very little mar resistance (very thin and soft) so components that normally require protecting (connectors, switches etc.) from the insulating liquid conformal coating may not need to be masked.

Fact 5: Using a Nano-coating is a fast simple process

Due to fact 4 (no masking is required) then this means that the application method is extremely fast. Since the coating dries extremely quickly then the total application can be completed in a very short time.

Therefore, throughput using an automated dip system can be incredibly high.

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 Five key facts about Fluoropolymer Nano-coatings

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