Ten reasons to use Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD) in protecting electronic circuit boards

Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD) is a new coating from Thin Film Partners that uses a hybrid coating process of alternating layers of ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)  and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) films combined with a hydrophobic final top coat.

The MVD method uses multiple alternate layers of these ultra-thin coatings with differing properties to build a completely protective coating.

The final coating built up is much thinner than the other traditional coatings including Parylene. However, its protective performance has been found to be superior to them all in most categories of testing so far.

Here are ten reasons to use MVD coatings in your process:

1. The Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) is 2-3 times lower than Parylene so the coating is far more waterproof than the best conformal coatings in the market.
2. Coating adhesion is superior as it covalently bonds to the substrate.
3. The MVD coating requires no masking when applied to electrically sensitive components like connector’s as it is extremely thin.
4. The MVD coating is temperature stable up to 250°C. This is significantly higher than even the best silicone conformal coatings.
5. The coating is hydrophobic (water repellent) so is excellent as a water barrier.
6. The MVD coating is UV stable and does not degrade with time.
7. The coating is 100% transparent and provides no loss of light (lux) to components like LEDs.
8. The coating thickness of the MVD material is x10 less than typical Parylene film thicknesses.
9. Cost of process is extremely low as the raw chemicals and process time are very low and no masking is required.
10. The MVD coating is hard and easy to handle.

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 Ten reasons to use Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD) in protecting electronic circuit boards

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