Why use masking boots in a conformal coating process?

Custom masking boots can provide protection for many different types of components on a circuit board from ingress of coatings.

In fact, they can form an integral part of a full masking solution in all of the conformal coating application techniques including batch and selective robotic spraying (as an alternative to difficult technical programming), vertical and horizontal dipping and chemical vapour deposition (CVD) processes such as Parylene and atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Why use custom masking boots?

Here are three reasons to use masking boots rather than tape and dots:

1. The process is faster. Boots and caps are normally much quicker to apply and remove than other masking methods.
2. The process is more reliable. Masking with tape relies on an operator’s skill in applying them. Since the masking boot is a complete shield then there is less chance of the conformal coating leaking through a gap compared to masking tape.
3. Lower process cost. Reducing masking time quickly lowers the costs of the process. Where there is a medium volume of circuit boards to be masked with repeat components then typically masking boots can provide an excellent return on investment.

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 Why use masking boots in a conformal coating process?

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